Aerial Drone Video Production

We are fully trained and licensed to conduct aerial drone filming using state-of-the-art equipment. Even the sky isn’t the limit when you bring in our creative, tech-oriented team to help you capture show-stopping footage.

The Benefits of Aerial Drone Video Production

Aerial footage brings your audience where they can’t go in real life! This cutting-edge filming option offers a grand, sweeping view. Our high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art filming techniques ensure crisp footage with attention to detail. Our aerial drone filming is perfect for:

  • Capturing events.
  • Capturing crowd sizes.
  • Showing off your campus.
  • Establishing setting in a promotional video.

Hard-to-get footage makes videos more interesting! Brands and businesses looking to create footage that creates an impact are pivoting to aerial filming. While drone footage is especially effective for capturing press-worthy happenings in real-time, it also enriches on-the-ground footage when used as part of a larger video.

What You Can Expect

At CNTR Creative, we make hard-to-get aerial footage easy to get! When you choose us, we’ll map out a filming plan with you to ensure that we’re covering precisely the surface area that you’re interested in filming. We can offer standalone aerial drone video production, aerial footage that is included in a larger filming plan, or any other strategy needed to create your bold, brand-bolstering video content!

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerial Drone Video Production

There’s no need to worry about supplying your own drone when you bring us in to create aerial footage. We will show up with all of the filming equipment needed to create a flawless finished product for you!

State rules dictate that drone operators cannot fly over city-owned or private property without approval. When we create a plan for filming locations with you, we’ll go through the process of requesting filming permission for any areas that fall under restricted categories. We believe in doing things fairly and legally to ensure that the integrity of the footage we create for our clients is never in question!

Yes! We can help with concept ideation as you begin your plan. We’ll also take care of coordinating all shoots once you bring us in to handle your video production.