Maxime Puister

Founder, CNTR Creative

As the founder of CNTR Creative, a Denver-based video agency, I am living out both dreams that I have ever had as a kid; using imagination to make a living and telling stories with my camera. Every day, and every project that the day brings with it, is a joy to me. I am proud of the work that I do for my clients, and I take it all seriously, whether I am working on feature-length fiction or a local ad spot.

Immersing myself in video production when I was still a kid, I graduated from high school at the age of sixteen ready to keep studying and keep growing as a filmmaker. I started out as a camera utility at a local broadcasting firm, and six years later, I completed two degrees in Film Production, at two different film schools, while trading the Netherlands for the United States.

To me, it made sense to learn from as many specialists and experts as I could, expanding my perspective of video production, cinematography, and photography. I then went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business, to make myself an all-around professional.

Video production is my passion in life, a force that is always driving me forward. I feel fortunate that I get to do this for a living – and excited about all of the projects that are still over the horizon.


Co-Founder, Branch Manager

Every production company needs a best boy, right? Meet ours: Ralph. Our best boy also happens to be our branch manager, and when it comes to branches big and small, no one manages with quite as much spunk and style as this Colorado canine.

When production hours run long, when the twentieth take still isn’t cutting it, or when everyone just needs to kick back for a game of catch and a bowl of scraps, he is the one leading the way toward chill vibes and an easy afternoon. Ralph does it all, and he does it all with a wag in his tail too. We can thank him any time one of our productions comes out looking pawfect!

At CNTR Creative, there’s no such thing as an impossible task.

Fresh, captivating video content has become a critical component to a sound marketing strategy in recent years. At CNTR Creative, we’re dedicated to crafting creative video content that will not only help you grow your brand, but also drive sales and engagement from your most desired audiences.