Social Media Video Production

Specializing in creating shareable, brand-boosting content, our team is here to help you publish polished footage that conveys your brand’s unique value! Let us help you build out your content strategy using:

  • Tutorials.
  • Testimonials.
  • “Music” videos.
  • Social media video ads.
  • Quick clips!
  • Promo clips.
  • Montages.
  • Graphics.
  • Influencer videos.

We can even help your brand to use existing content and footage that your brand has accumulated to craft content with consistent brand messaging. We make it easy to create clickable content with our state-of-the-art equipment, cinema-quality footage and high-energy creativity. Let’s talk about how to create content that’s stunningly social!

The Benefits of Social Media Video Production

How are all of your competitors getting so much engagement on social media? The question is enough to keep a budding brand builder up all night! Luckily, the CNTR Creative team is up all night strategizing how to help our clients increase follower counts for the best value! All brands know that they need to utilize social media to grow. However, most brands that aren’t backed by celebrities are stumped when it comes to how to create valuable social media content. Let us help you make lasting impressions with video content that racks up watch hours, likes, shares and followers! Let’s talk visual strategy when you book a consultation with Maxime at CNTR Creative today!

What You Can Expect When You Use Social Media Video Production From CNTR Creative

We offer professional, cinema-quality video productions services for every genre of content. Our team will help you with your video’s concept, equipment, shooting locations and more! We can even help you to organize “series” shoots for cohesive social media marketing! Let us show you how video is a great way to convey your brand’s messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Video Production

Yes! We can edit your existing content to create a more polished social media presence!

Yes, this is something we can help with. Our team has extensive experience with creating commercial-quality video.

Yes! We can help you whip up content that’s compatible with multiple platforms.

Yes, the content from the project you commission us for will be under your ownership. We are not a branding firm or talent agency. We’ll never ask for a “cut” of your social media revenue the way that some other content-creation companies do!