Testimonial Video Production

While “the customer testimonial” has always been a tried-and-true marketing tool, the importance of social proof for today’s plugged-in consumers means that brands can’t afford not to show off customer experiences! CNTR Creative specializes in persuasive customer storytelling that establishes credibility! We offer sophisticated testimonial video production in Denver, Colorado.

The Benefits of Testimonial Video Production

Satisfied customers make the best organic ambassadors! While you may already know the importance of positive reviews for SEO and conversations, you may not be tapping into the power of compelling video content! While “paid air time” was something that only big brands with the budgets to create commercials and infomercials could afford in the past, the streaming world that we live in makes it easier than ever for brands to share videos.
There’s a reason why most people reach out to friends and family when they need recommendations before making purchases. Brands can actually tap into this need to get the “inside scoop” from real people to build brand credibility. A customer testimonial video creates the impression that viewers are getting recommendations from real-life friends! This is a powerful marketing tool because most people rely on word of mouth above any other type of advertising to make decisions. A compelling video showcases your product or service while setting up positive expectations.

What You Can Expect When You Make a Testimonial Video With CNTR Creative

We make cinema-quality marketing videos for brands and businesses of all sizes. When you bring our team in, we’ll help you develop a video concept that fits the theme of your current marketing initiative. We’ll handle all technical, creative and shoot-related details! We always encourage our clients to bring as much input to the table as they prefer. However, you don’t have to have marketing chops to make an eye-catching, watch-worthy video with our team. Let’s tell your brand story together using trust-building videos that showcase the unique value of your product or service. Book a consultation with CNTR Creative today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Testimonial Video Production

We make videos to meet client specifications! That includes everything from full-length infomercials to 30-second bumper videos!

Sure! Our clients can request hard copies and digital files.

Yes! CNTR Creative actually offers rentals of video equipment to allow you to do in-house or on-location filming. Let us help you build a video package that covers everything you need to get your footage!