Rhino Carbon Fiber Slider 24" with Arc II

Key Features

The 24″ Slider Carbon from Rhino Camera Gear is an ultra-rigid, modular camera slider that supports loads up to 15 lb.

Powerful Arc II features include time-lapse, light-lapse mode that performs night-to-day time-lapse, facial tracking, keyframe presets, and camera power options. The head integrates seamlessly with Rhino sliders so setup with another axis is a breeze. You can control the modes and movement of the Arc II using the integrated joysticks, or you can utilize wireless iOS control with an Arc II control app.

To power the Arc II, it features internal 4400mAh lithium-ion batteries that are charged using the included international charger kit. It also features a power-saving mode and automatically shuts down when it’s not in use for 15 minutes. It can operate via an optional slider at up to a 90° angle with up to 5 to 15 lb rig weight and a separately available high-torque motor.

Rhino Slider bundle:
Includes a 24″ Carbon Fiber Slider, the ARC II 4-Axis Motorized Head, a High-Speed Motor for Horizontal Shots, and a Carry Case that will also hold a tripod (not includes).


BrandRhino Camera Gear

ModelArc II

Replacement Value$2350

What's Included?

  • (1x) – Carry Case
  • (1x) – ARC II 4-axis motorized head
  • (1x) – Rhino 24″ carbon fiber slider
  • (1x) – Power Supply

Pricing Stuff

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